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There are several factors that can lead to a young adult or teen developing an addiction to alcohol, such as how easily they can obtain alcohol, stress, family life, their community, and biological factors that can make one more vulnerable to addiction. But all of these factors can be mitigated through a comprehensive education on alcohol, awareness of the consequences of an addiction, and through preventive alcohol addiction counseling.

AYADD Outreach Center conducts preventive alcohol addiction counseling in Killeen, TX for young adults and teens. Our counselors focus on counseling individuals to prevent alcoholism, working through their alcohol problems to find better coping mechanisms that allow them to function in a healthy and productive way in society.

We know that preventing substance abuse is just as important as preventing alcoholism, which is why our counselors work with you to identify your triggers that would lead you to alcohol in the first place. We then guide you through understanding the difference between the effects of alcohol on your brain and what is truly happening on a biological scale.

AYADD Outreach Center also operates as a recovery center, where adults and teens can come to get nonjudgmental care for their addiction. We provide alcohol addiction counseling with preventive measures put in place within our counseling, so that once you’ve recovered, you will not have the same psychological triggers that led you to drink to begin with.

We believe that education and prevention are the keys to stem the flow of addiction in this country, which currently has 25 million people, ages 12 and up, reporting an alcohol dependency. Let us help you today.

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