Alcohol Education & Awareness Program

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Often the number one reason our adolescents and young adults are unaware of the danger that comes from drinking alcohol is because their education does not go far enough to explain it. In schools and in talks with their parents, our adolescents are finding more emphasis put on drugs than on alcohol. The general advice of don’t drink and drive is all the talk about alcohol most teens get.

But alcohol can be just as dangerous, especially if you drink to excess. Most adults and teens don’t realize the magnitude of harm you do to your body when you drink too much. From the irreversible damage done to your liver and kidneys, to the disruption of your sleep patterns and cognitive function, alcohol is an easy addiction to have, and a hard one to kick.

When we at AYADD Outreach Center see adolescence young adults drinking, we are reminded of our purpose—to spread awareness of the dangers of alcohol abuse, to educate adults and teens about addiction, and to make widely available prevention strategies to help curtail an addiction before treatment is required.

AYADD Outreach Center offers an alcohol education and awareness program in Killeen, TX. We are a group of committed psychologists and counselors who are working to help you understand the psychological, emotional, and physiological consequences of drinking alcohol.

We are a ministry non-profit organization that deals with preventive alcohol abuse and addiction counseling, we are uniquely qualified to educate our community on alcohol and the risks that come with having an addiction to it.

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