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To overcome alcohol, you have to admit that you have a problem, and you have to accept that a recovery program is best for you at this time. It will not be an easy road, but alcohol rehab is your best chance at recovering from addiction.

The secret to a good recovery program that is able to stop addiction is psychologists employed to help with your counseling. Psychologists work with you, going through your past to see what the catalyst for your alcohol addiction was, what your stress triggers are, and how the alcohol has affected your mental state. These are all important pieces of your recovery puzzle, and when you can understand the reasons behind your behavior, then your journey towards a full recovery has begun.

At AYADD Outreach Center, we want to help you on that journey. We are a ministry non-profit organization that offers alcohol abuse counseling in Killeen, TX, for young adults and teens. We focus on adolescents for our recovery program, giving our psychologists the ability to put their specializations in adolescent psychology to work saving our younger generations from wrestling with lifelong addictions.

Because our psychologists work solely with young adults and teens, our counseling is on an individual basis. Please note, we are not currently offering couples counseling or family counseling for the loved ones affected by our clients' addiction. We do offer referrals for family counseling, but our staff believes that as much attention should be put on our client to aid their recovery before any other healing counseling sessions should begin.

We at AYADD Outreach Center know that peer pressure can be tough and that growing up in today’s world is very different from the generations that came before. But alcohol addiction is not the answer. Let us guide you towards a better path.

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