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Do you know someone who is under the age of 21 and drinks? Chances are, you do. And while the media may make it seem like drinking alcohol as a teenager isn’t a big deal, it is. Alcohol impacts your physiological development, which continues until you turn 18 and can alter your emotions more drastically than you assume.

The prevalence of teens drinking and driving is staggering, with nearly half of all young adults reporting that they have had at least one alcoholic drink before they were 16. But if you were to poll all the teenagers who have had alcohol, you would find that most, if not all, were dangerously ignorant of the true cost of alcoholism.

AYADD Outreach Center stands for Adolescence Young Adults Drinking and Driving. We are a ministry non-profit organization located in Killeen, TX that is focused on educating and raising awareness of the dangers of alcoholism to our young adults and teens. Within our organization, we offer awareness programs, educational lectures, preventive alcohol addiction counseling, and alcohol abuse counseling.

Our purpose goes further than preventing our adolescents from drinking and driving. We believe that proper education of the dangers of alcoholism and how it can negatively affect you will reduce the amount of young people who want to drink, and the knowledge people get within our programs will find its way out to the community, going further than we think is possible.

AYADD Outreach Center will continue to fight to eradicate alcoholism from our teens and young adults. We invite you to participate in our cause. Call to enroll in our alcohol education and awareness program today.

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