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AYADD Outreach Center offers alcohol abuse counseling specifically for adolescents and young adults.
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Alcohol Abuse Counseling | AYADD Outreach Center | Killeen, TX | (254) 285-4284
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Alcohol Abuse Counseling
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Preventive Alcohol Addiction Counseling
Alcohol Education & Awareness Program | AYADD Outreach Center | Killeen, TX | (254) 285-4284
We are a ministry non-profit organization that deals with preventive alcohol abuse and addiction counseling, we are uniquely qualified to educate our community on alcohol and the risks that come with having an addiction to it.
Alcohol Education & Awareness Program

Choosing AYADD Outreach Center ensures that you
get expert preventative alcohol addiction counseling.

Alcohol Abuse Counseling

Preventive Alcohol Addiction Counseling


Alcohol Education & Awareness Program


Alcohol Abuse Counseling

Alcohol Abuse Counseling | AYADD Outreach Center | Killeen, TX | (254) 285-4284

To overcome alcohol, you have to admit that you have a problem, and you have to accept that a recovery program is best for...

Preventive Alcohol Addiction Counseling

Preventive Alcohol Addiction Counseling | AYADD Outreach Center | Killeen, TX | (254) 285-4284

There are several factors that can lead to a young adult or teen developing an addiction to alcohol, such as how easily they...

Alcohol Education & Awareness Program

Alcohol Education & Awareness Program | AYADD Outreach Center | Killeen, TX | (254) 285-4284

Often the number one reason our adolescents and young adults are unaware of the danger that comes from drinking...

AYADD Outreach Center provides an alcohol and education
awareness program for interested adolescents.

Welcome to AYADD Outreach Center

Addiction is never a simple biological dependency on alcohol or a drug. It runs much deeper and begins with core beliefs we hold to be truthful, when in fact they are dangerous to believe in. Combined with triggers we were never taught how to identify, addiction quickly becomes more than just numbing the pain from a psychological trauma. It can evolve into a full blown psychological and emotional dependency on a substance that can alter our natural body chemistry.

Alcoholism, and alcohol addiction, are widespread among our youth here in Killeen, TX. We often learn of a young adult or teen that has been drinking or driving, and in the worst cases, have hurt themselves or other people. And while many people may say that this is the world we live in, we are not giving up hope.

Our non-profit ministry organization, AYADD Outreach Center, works in the Killeen area to bring about awareness of the effects alcoholism has on our adolescents and young adults. We are a full-service facility that deals specifically in alcohol education and counseling in both a preventive and recovery capacity for our young adults.

Additional Services:

• MIP (Minors In Possession) Instructor
• Interventions
• Youth/ Parent Support Groups (Open & Closed)
• Counseling/ Coaches
• Alcohol/Minor Drug Assessment
• Alcohol Education Resources
• Sober Recreational Activities

All of our counseling is done by accredited psychologists who are certified by the state of Texas. As a non-profit, these sessions are free for our clients, making this needed counseling available for anyone who needs it. While we specialize in preventive alcoholism counseling, which is one of the most effective ways to beat an addiction before it has a chance to grab on to you, we also have alcohol abuse counseling sessions for those who are in recovery.

To further our preventive counseling measures, the AYADD Outreach Center has implemented an alcohol education and awareness program, where we conduct seminars, lectures, and classes, highlighting alcohol education and awareness. This program has been designed to help people of all ages understand what the effects of alcohol are on your body and how a dependency on it could lead to chronic conditions, or worse, could be fatal.

If you or someone you know is battling with a dependency on alcohol that may grow into an addiction, don’t hesitate to come to us for help. Our programs are discreet and professional, and you will find that our caring and compassionate staff only wants to help you in getting your life on the right path. Request a consultation to see if you qualify for preventive alcohol addiction counseling.

AYADD Outreach Center

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